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10 December







I am a happy happy girl. :)
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 4:02 PM
Haven't touched my blog for so long my computer doesn't even remember my user name. Ha ha. Life has been good, at least for the last few weeks. :) I am currently happily enjoying my milk tea. Okay, maybe not so much now since I'm being pestered yet again. Aigoo..

Anyway, for those who had been asking: The hospital sucks. I'm scared of looking at those beds on the television during the news now. Appendicitis isn't that bad, it's the NEEDLES. I hate the needles so badly, it's so painful!! The doctor said my vein was too small and kept pushing and pulling the needle, I was in too much pain to whack the doctor. Damn. He was still happily whistling to himself. The next few days were horrible. Imagine having a tube through your nose for 4 days, I could actually feel it in my throat. In summary, it was a nightmare. Actually, it still doesn't feel real to me at all, I still don't believe that I had an operation.....

Was in so much stress before, but now I'm like only 30% stress. Next week is the O levels but I'm not really feeling the stress. Ironic. Nothing feels real to me now. I just feel like I'm floating around. I don't know. My life right now is just: ??? Filled with big question marks. Somebody should wake me up. Where are you??

With evil-line! Missed my friends so much. :) They are awesome max!

Wish me luck for the chinese Os. Ganbatte!! :)