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10 December







Sometimes, it sucks to be me.
Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 4:15 PM
My eyes are dead tired.. Might be the contact lenses. I'm drinking coke to keep myself awake, works like a charm.

Haven't been really blogging since my life was just boring. I need to get a rife. Every day had just been the same. School, blackshot, anime. Nothing special. I haven't been studying too. Just 4 more weeks to the mid year exams and I'm still here sitting in front of my computer and just worrying about it every day but still not doing anything. My life doesn't have a goal, I can't find it even after thinking about it for 4 months!! Such a failure.

Sucks that theres presentation tomorrow and also on thursday. I hate presenting! Ugh. But I'm so glad that physics and poa test has been postponed, saved me from having 3 tests tomorrow. Phew.