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10 December







I dunno what to say.
Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 8:46 PM
Well.. I just spend my march holidays being sick (sorethroat then flu and now cough. nice.), reading, doing my homework, watching anime, playing online games and restraining myself from eating all the candy in the house(Not. Enough. Candy.). That's about it.

Eveline says I have to watch pass 30 episodes of KHR for the nice part to start. T-T I'm not even halfway through 30 episodes.. I went to watch Bleach halfway through. LOLLLL. Now I have JOS spamming me bout KHR in msn. Nice. Okay it's time for animeeeeeeee. Bye!

P.S I will not be doing any blog skin requests. Sorry. I will be keeping my hands out of this blog skinning thing for a while.

P.S.S I really appreciate all the tags on my tagboard! :) Even though I take forever to reply them haha. Sorry!