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10 December







Pinku pinku pinku
Friday, February 12, 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Watched Valentine's Day today. Taylor Swift's dance was damn hilarious. (Y)

I still haven't bought my Chinese New Year clothes. Shit. Almost everything I tried is too big, I think I need to start gaining fats. Grr. Going for my last hunt tomorrow! If I still can't find anything then I'm giving up. Stupid CNY.

Thanks for all the V days gifts! ♥

T's blue roses! Kirei~
(Didn't took any pictures of my red rose cos' it died the second day. Tsk.)

Xt's drawing! LOL. I'm not invisible kay!
Strawberry CNY snack (I don't know whats it's called..) for me. ^^ Pinkuuuuuuu.

My eyelids are closing now.. Am keeping myself awake with the lollipop given by Jeslyn. T-T Going to play Blackshot with my valentine now. Bye!