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10 December







Working on a new blogskin. Yawn.
Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 5:58 PM
Paramore is coming to Singapore!! 音符 (But I think most of you already know.)

Credits: www.paramore.net

Don't think I will be going to the concert though, but might be going there with Xiuting to buy some stuff if there are booths and hopefully see Paramore! 笑

I still can't find this on the internet! Have been waiting for 1.. 2.. 3... 16 days. Should have bought it the day I saw it at Kinokuniya. REGRET! 泣 Btw, tell me if you found it on the internet!! FOUND! おぉ!

My mom came home just in time to save me from starvation! 死 Sushi!! ハート お寿司 ハート

End of short and boring post! Going to continue to let my blog rot...... byebye