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10 December







Yes. No. Maybe. I don't have a clue.
Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 9:56 PM
Catch Me by Demi Lovato

Just posting it here cause my blog seems pretty dull and empty!

Seems like I'm back in the blogging mood! Maybe because I'm happy right nao. No school for me tomorrow! To be honest, I would rather be sick than attend to school. That is how much I hate school these days. Fuck school, very very much! There is only three reasons I'm attending school. 1. Study. For my future and all the usual crap. Yep. 2. Clique and some other awesome people. i repeat, some.... 3. I'm suppose to. So not gonna give my you-know-who *hint hint* relatives any chance to talk bad about me anymore!

Finally got to really chat with Weilin today during badminton. Missed you many many! Although we're always chatting in MSN. Like.. more than 6 hours a day. HAHA~ Let's go out together someday! :)

I hate how people pretend to be all nice to you, when they are just putting up a front for some motives. People are so fake it disgusts me. Go. Away. But maybe I don't have the rights to say anything like that cause I don't even know who I really am..

By the way, get well soon, Ruyan and Sharmaine!
Feeling really lethargic now. Need to rest, bye!