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10 December







Tag replies
Monday, August 10, 2009 @ 5:46 PM
Sorry for all the late replies! Fyi, tagboard messages are usually replied 1 week later. Sorry!

G I L L I A N: Yeh , when will you release this skin ? A lot of us want it Thankssomuch
G I L L I A N: Hi , I love your blogskin , when will you submit this into blogskins.com ?
Hey. Not really sure bout that. Soon perhaps, when I finish doing one for myself. I don't really have any inspirations lately. :(

C♥armaine: Well , based on what I saw on yr page. When will you release it ?
C♥armaine: wondering if you could submit this blogskin of yrs now cause it ain`t released yet to me.
C♥armaine: awhile ago and decided to hop to yr blogpage. You make awesome blogskins to let you know & was
C♥armaine: Hey babe , . I was just looking fr a blogskin tt suits my type and was at yr blogskin page just
Hey. Thanks! It will be submitted it soon I guess.

Fitri: Erm, I know you don't know me and I also don't know you. I just found your blog 'accidentally'.
Oh. Okay.

Isabel: Hey ! I'm just a passerby :P . And I'm so immpressed by the skins you created man xD . Using one em.
Hello. Haha, thank you!! :)

passingbyyy: love ur skins,do you know any websites to find good backgrounds like 1 for "DONT WANNA HEAR" etc.?ty
Thank you! No, sorry. I'm looking for sites like that myself too.

Alice: Hey i found you on blogskins and omg i love the darker version of 35 swirls the on your using!
Heyho. Omg I didn't know that it looked like my 35th skin. :(

KYLIE ❥: tagged, i love your simplistic skin so nice. x(
KYLIE ❥: heyhey, tagged xD
Hello. Thanks!

Brian: Hello!Can u make me a layout?
I'm not doing blog skin requests. Sorry!

passser-by: hey , nice blogskin . i love it . i'll be waiting for this skin to be submitted . lol !
Hello. Well thank you!

LifeOnThePharcyde: Hello Please Link... ;)

Passer-by: may i knoe wad song is in your blog?
Which song do you mean?

0sic: oh u haven't summited :0 hope u sumit it nxt time
0sic: Heyy ! whats the link to this skin ? LOVEE it thankks !
Yup. I will submit it soon. :)

Hi: hey i love your blogskin i found you on blogskins could you put a darker version of that on blogskin
Hello. Thank you :D Which blog skin do you mean?

triscilla: i'm going crazy already. i m not li chair or whatever chair luh. SOOBZ! LOL~
HAHA. Then you are chair li!

SIMRUYAN: Totally understand your feeling. I want our clique the photo leh! That time took at Lib de!
Sure sure. I'll send it to you when you're online! :)