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10 December







Sick again. Grr.
Saturday, August 1, 2009 @ 11:05 AM
Future Love by Kristinia Debarge

I totally lost interest in blogging. My life currently suck so I don't really have anything worth to blog about. Like leave me alone. Please..... Sometimes I just wish I can go to somewhere where nobody knows me, change my name and be someone else. Maybe someday..

Monday. Lunch at Mac with Jeslyn, Qinyi, Weixin, Lini and Willie. Tried the new Cornetto Mcflurry. Too sweet!! I guess I should just stick with the Oreo Mcflurry. Tsk.

Tuesday. Went to Bugis with YewChing then met up with Ruyan and Triscilla after that. Haven't went out together in a long time! The last time was like a month ago. Okay.. maybe not so long ago. :) They are crazy. I swear!!

Shared Cookies & Cream ice cream! Cause I got broke after buying nail polishes. I'm addicted! ♥

Wednesday. Went to Singpost with Sharmaine and Yewching. Damn I miss Shar!! School sucks when you have no one you can fight with in class. I still remember drawing "cuts" on my wrist one day, it looked really realistic. I acted all emo and she totally freaked out. LOL. Not my fault that she's so easy to cheat! :P I love my partner. But maybe being my partner isn't such a good thing to happen cause I tend to hit people when I'm bored. Too bad! But I'm being good this year though, it SUCKS.

Anyway, met up with Xiuting, Ruyan, Triscilla and YingBin after that at the library. Xt got scolded by the annoying librarian for being crazy. HAHAHA. Accompanied Xt to get her haircut later. Nao more than half of our cliques hair are short. :) She says that she looks like Alice (Twilight?). Ha. I still insist that I didn't force her cut her hair! Really. Ask Yc or Tris if you don't believe me!
That's Xt's hand, trying to block the camera and succeeding. :(
Sorry for lousy picture quality, Viewty's front camera sucks.
That's all, Bye!