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10 December







my life is great
Friday, August 28, 2009 @ 2:49 PM
Chasing A Rock Star by The Friday Night Boys

Hello! Have been going out lately. Last Sunday: Went to Bugis, Vivo and lastly, Singpost. Went home empty handed and my feets were aching! Monday: Parkway with Tris. Chitchat chitchat. Tuesday: Badminton CCA canceled! Off to Tampines to accompany Ruyan to get her helix piercing. I'm so tempted to get a tragus and helix piercing. I'm resisting the temptation so stop tempting me anymore!! I want a tongue piercing too. :( But Mom says no. Okay okay I should really stop now. Wednesday: Bugis with Weilin. She went crazy cause she didn't find the Hong Gi keychain. -_- Then to the national library to "study"!

Weilin and me. (from left to right)
Argh I have eyebags. I think they're natural. :(

I know the exams are around the corner but I'm still not studying. Rawr. I don't have the mood to do anything. :( I need to chiong studying during the weekend but I feel like reading Manga and watching Anime. (they are addictive!) I'm torn apart.

I feel like playing Maple again. Miss my panda and bunny! Gonna play Audi now. Yes I play Audi!! K bye! :)