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10 December







here we go again.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 7:51 PM
Zzzzzz tired
Eva The Carrier by A Skylit Drive

Watched Xia Dao Xiao today. Not really nice IMO. Yewching and me shared her sweater, not because it was cold, but to cover our eyes. (Missed my pillow!!) I kept grabbing on Yewchings shoulder during the movie. Opps. I hate horror movies!!! Even though this was more of a comedy movie. But whatever, it's still horror! Funny parts were not that funny either. Well, maybe I'm just hard to please. I should've watched Up instead. Looks cute and funny!! Cuteness > Horror any day.

Gonna be the Chinese 7th month by 12am later.. Take care people! I hope they don't build the "Ge Tai" (some stage where people sing horrid songs loudly during the 7th month) on the field beside my house this year!! They always do this when I'm studying for my exams. Pisses me off badly. I can still hear them singing with my headphones on. ARGH! If they want to sing, they should at least sing something nice. Seriously......!

I'm going to bore you people with my speech tomorrow, on purpose. :) I hate it when I'm force to speak. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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