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10 December







tag replies
Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 6:25 PM
J.oleen: If you want..
J.oleen: Hahah, stare lor!! &of course you know what i mean, we discussed it together. And, i can teach you.
-STARES REALLY REALLY HARD- Okay. :) Teach me what?

Alch: Hi... Looking for ways to market your blog?
Hello. Nope.

triscilla: relink! ty
Relinked, Li Chair!

Florence: Hi, Tag.(:
Hello! :)

♥JESSICA: link me , ty (:
You are? :O Sorry but I don't link people I don't know. Sorry Sorry.

passer-by: Its nice and i wanna use it for my blog , ty
passer-by: Hello , was bloghopping and i came to ur blog . Can you give me th link to this blogskin?
Hey. It's not submitted to blogskins.com yet. Thank you. :)

SIMRUYAN: Pleaseeeeeeeeee blog, love!
I'm lazy!! I've lost interest. :(

hihi: hihi , can submit ur last skin ?
Which one? It's submitted. http://www.blogskins.com/info/285182

♥:(KAVIS): preview. And sorry for spamming your tagboard omg. Thanks
♥:(KAVIS): view using IE, but MF. Mind telling me what's the prob? I don't seem to see any prob cropped up in
♥:(KAVIS): Hey I'm somebody who used your skin, you may visit my blog for which one I meant. My friends can't
I can't view yours too. Try redownloading the whole skin again. It's okay.

Yeehong: Link me:D Thanks!
Linked. No problem.

SIMRUYAN: Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha! Press screen phone! LOL.
I wanna change my retarded phone!!

SI YI ,: btw , you dont knw me one ,
SI YI ,: hey ! i effing like your skins & imma using it now , jiayous ,
Hello! Haha, thank you!

xiuting: Yoyo short hair with a clip!
Yo short hair rasta perv!

Passerby: What's nuffang? Alot of ppl serving it leis..
Some advertisement thing that you can earn money from.

Weilin: Remember our migrate? Hehe. *Wink. ^^
Yea! :D

JINGYI: hi jie ! :D

Sarah: Bhurt I cant put at blogger. What happen?
Why not? :O

Kew wai!

tris: even sec school life end, we are still one clique! ;D love ya.
Yea <3

passingbai~: Hi, i love your skins, hahas
Heyho. Thank you!