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10 December







I wanna watch movies!
Thursday, July 23, 2009 @ 3:43 PM
Believe Me Im Lying by The Academy Is...

My twin! Screenshot taken by RuYan.

Twentyfourth tomorrow! Geee. Excited~

The school carnival is postponed but we are still gonna have our school holiday on the 3rd of August. Once again i repeat that I'm a happy girl!

I'm yearning for a new handphone. I want a Blackberry! IMO, the LG Viewty sucks. Touch screen? It's a pathetic lie. It's a press screen (if this word even exist) phone, you need to use your nails to press it. It sucks even more when you're trying to text in class. Pekchek I tell you. The only thing I like is the phones back design, sadly. The Samsung F480 is so much prettier plus it's not press screen. Lesson learnt: Don't judge a phone by its cover.

I'm torn between being glad that my secondary school life is going to end soon in less than 20 months or being sad that I'll miss clique and the other people!

Gtg! Need to start doing my assignments and study for tomorrows wordpower test. Yawn.