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10 December







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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 8:31 PM
jerelynn: after you see my blog you will noe wad is my blog prob pls help me
jerelynn: do you mind helping me pls hope to see you on msn
jerelynn: hey hi i need great help with the blogskins that you do
Mailed you.

psb: don't wish to tell.
psb: did you use photoshop to make the header? the 'sorrow last through this night'. it's okay if you

Qy ♥: yeah, staying @ home sometimes is boring, but, school is even more boring lo!
Qy ♥: HWEESEE, school's on monday , i don't wanttttttt
I agree. School suck tonssss. :(

passer: omg this blogskin is super pretty. hope ya upload it faster haha
Thanks. Would be uploaded probably next month or next next month. I'm not sure.

Jesslyn: omg ! this blogskin is so niceee and pretty !
Thank you!

Passer!: OHHHHHHHHH ! i like this blogskin ! hope you up load it faster
Probably next month or something.

Happy~Pill: Try to make more better ones(: Thanks.
Happy~Pill: Hello(: I used some of your blogskins. They rock. You're a good blogskin maker. Keep it up(:
Hey. Thank you. :)

passerby: um, idk how to change the font in the post area to those in the navi area.
passerby: hi. sry to bother you but can you do me a favour and help me change your recent
Hey. Mail me/Add me in msn the codes? Btw, I don't really get what you're talking about..

passerby!: are you skins tested in mf? reply asap please!
Nope, only tested in IE.

Your blogskin user!: Hey I think you forgot to add in credits for your skin no.35 o_O But anyways, I credited you already
Hello~ I did, it's at the under "Layout". Thanks anyway!

♥\ JOLEEN: LOL! ;D Zoey's a bytch, aphrodite rocks! We're talking bout vampires. Lame? :\
I totally agree! HAHAHA. And, no vampires are not lame.

Lin: Oh my gosh! I love your 'Calm' skin! Thanks alot for subbing it! Nice skin!
Well thank you and you're welcome! ^^

your blog skin user: LOLLL. Hope to see your good works soon.

pb: hope yuu sumbit the strawberrycarrousel skin soon
Omg i totally forgotten about that blog skin. Opps.

Kimberley '♥: Not random, but seriously alot of fan. AHHAHAHA (:
Lol. I don't know what to say! LMAO.

SharmaineTok: WOW...My name is on your post. INTERESTING. (: (MIRICALE!!!)