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10 December







love is dead
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 8:37 PM
I am happy! 8DDDDDDDDDD Chap 51 is finally out. *waiting patiently for scanlations*

I feel accomplished! I'm only left with comprehension summary and some POA questions left. Excluding those assignments that I don't plan to do/don't know what to do/left in school. LOL.

JUST GIVE ME MY EXTENDED HOLIDAYS. :( I can't believe the holidays are ending in 4 days time. Hate that holidays always pass by like lightning while school days drag like there's no tomorrow. I can't stand school, it's hell boring!! I'm always half trying to sleep and half listening.. for five days per week. Roar!

Annoying bitch can't stop poking into my business. Fuck off I tell you.