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10 December







getting on my nerves
Monday, May 25, 2009 @ 8:18 PM
You will never become me!! so stop it.. it's getting creepy. from everything i buy to everything i wear. argh. you're scaring me..

I'm labeled weird by my grandma 'cos I like western food, shes going around telling everybody. what the heck. I just dislike almost all of the Chinese food. what's wrong with that?! but it's kind of ironic due to the fact that I'm a Chinese.. pffft. I don't care. by the way, the first time I'm glad that I can read Chinese is when reading mangas, it takes forever for the translated ones to be released. but i take x4 more time reading the Chinese versions.. so I gave up.

I'm not going to school anymore, but I may be going on wednesday, for the sake of the project work marks. it depends..

Chapter 50 made my day!