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10 December







tired of these fakers
Thursday, April 2, 2009 @ 6:57 PM
You know what's making me sick?

I know that i have really sucky results, i know that i never did really well before. i knew it all along. I DON'T NEED SOME FUCKERS COMING TO TELL ME STRAIGHT IN MY FACE THAT I HAVE LOUSY RESULTS. i always say that i don't care, but actually i do. you people never saw me studying, that doesn't mean that i don't study. i just don't like studying in front of YOU. you always see me using the computer. SO? that's my business and i think you should mind your own. i don't live my life to study.

i don't want to live a just STUDY-SCHOOL-HOMEWORK life. what if i just died the next day, not graduated, never did had any fun, no nothing. then i just spent my whole life studying, without archiving anything. that would definitely suck. i just want to enjoy my life when i can, but why are these people stopping me?!?! its not like i never did study.

i don't even feel like attending school. school is meaningless now. still, this people cant stop shutting their mouths up about my results, i tolerated this crap for 4 years. even when i made it to express, they said i didn't deserve credit and were unhappy.

best part? they are my family members.
someday i'm gonna scream at these people.