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10 December







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Wednesday, March 4, 2009 @ 8:35 PM
Listening: Stay Beautiful - The Last Goodnight
Feeling: irritated.

Went to see Marley And Me with valentine and co. considered boring throughout for me.

---WEIXIN: hey yo! HARU HARU. big bang sing nicer or henglee sing nicer??hahahahas
henglee. LOL. jk, big bang ofcause!

RuYan: Love! (: Hehehehhehehe! Really have to meet you out someday for H2H talk lah!
yo! everytime in the end never one lor.

passby: Click mi , tis person did nt credit u .
thanks for informing. :)

Passerby: The book is called "The Broken Window" by Jeffrey Deaver. A book I recently bought. [:
Passerby: Hmm, well, first time I am tagging here. Just a book suggestion for you.
shall check it out soon. btw, thanks! :)

passerby: wow. im in love with ur skin. haha. hope u dont mind to submit this
skin next month, i'll be waiting
thanks. probably next month or the next.

ShuHui: AHS, AHS! You like big bang? WOOTS! Same here!
wsh! okayokay. haha!

RuYan: Wakakakakkas

Passerby: So can i use yor previous one? The secret valentine de. Hope you dont mind.
sure. :) i'll upload it soon.

th.sur{F}er//: your skin are awesome-ly loved. absolutely adored your skin amongst the others blogkin-ers. IDOL-ED.
thanks :)

passerby1:D: hellos;erm. would you mind if i use your current skin?

Passer.: Loving your skins. Jy In AMath uh. Math sux. :B
thanks! :) yessss.

Passerby: Huh?