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10 December







school is 3 s.
Friday, March 6, 2009 @ 8:44 PM
Listening: Valentine's blogsong.
Feeling: Stressed.

School is 3 'S's: Sucky. Stupid. Stressed.

finally got the chance to have H2H talk with ahbu. i only realised now that im missing out everything. the fun and.. not so fun. anyway, i love ahbu, tris, valentine and ahbubu many many. talking to valentine, lesbo, kew wai and me joyful mommy. :)
Weilin: I'M HERE WITHOUT YOU, BABY. Hi, stupid valentine.
BUT YOU'RE STILL WITH ME IN MY DREAMS. Hello, retarded valentine.

Qy ♥: Spammer is boring, :X
yes! LOL.

JOLEEN.: Anghuisi, is famous. With jackey's so, you will die ;)
huh?! why die? LOL. confused.

hi: so
jackey you bo liao?

Qy ♥: ! HUISI! hehehhehehhehehhehehehehehhehe, ily!
kew wai! ily!

Weilin: You cold-blooded!! So touching manzx the movie.
really very boring lor! you funny. HAHAHA.