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10 December







i. hate. school.
Thursday, March 5, 2009 @ 6:51 PM
Listening: Starlight - Muse
Feeling: Crappy

i hate maths to the max. why cant mrs goh just leave me alone. stupid. im complaining again. not enough slacking sessions in class, so all the slacking sessions are delayed to after school. which sucks, cause the first thing i do when i reach home at four or five plus is to on my computer. and next, i wont do my assignments. tsk. i have 7 assignments to complete right now, 3 due tomorrow. couldnt care less.

i forgot to save the 'Secret Valentine' blogskin. mygosh. anybody got the codes? if not i'll need to do it all over again.. which probably would end up uploading it this weekend or the next.

somebody ate 2/3 of my chocolates in just 2 days. argh! im pissed. nobody is allowed to touch my chocolates!!! you can eat my pocky instead. :'(

i kept asking myself why am i even here, doing maths. why do i even bother to continue studying amaths? my future? but. i dont see my future.