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10 December







Friday, March 13, 2009 @ 5:38 PM
Im sick. -sniff-

Currently helping Pew with her blogskin, but all my inspiration suddenly went missing, stuck at the Preview Page for about 15 minutes. but i got an idea for a new blogskin already, something plain and simple. will code it out maybe.. tomorrow or later if i have enough time. meh. i've been looking around blogskins.com for quite a few days but i still havent found the perfect one for joleen.. grrrrness. lets hope somebody will contribute a nice one. i've been dragging for weekssss, oh my god im really sorry joleen.

Had a shocking dream last night. i was like oh my god what is this?! if its true somebody will be murdered. HAHA. but they say those dreams you remember will not happen. so don't worry, ___. :)

I need somebody to draw on! Secondary 1 was Sharmaine the Suay Tok who got doodling all over her hands, books, desk and worksheets. haha~ last year was Triscilla. but apparently i didn't have as much fun cos shes.. FIERCE. hahahaha~ shes going to kill me for this. and im currently finding my next target! :)

and 怎样?!