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10 December







such great heights.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 @ 8:36 PM
Like DA-BA-LIU-TEE-EFF? <- exactly what i feel right now.

mountains and mountains of homework. apparently miss hell havent been listening in class and missed out all the information about homeworks. i have 5 assignments to complete, just completed 3. 2 more to go. i finally did my argumentative compo today, im 4 days late already. wonderful. if ms cake asks about it tomorrow, im gonna use that lame excuse again. "oh? i just knew about it yesterday."

what i hate about not going to school: missing out. remember wednesday? when i got "fever" (forehead was kind of warm for 1 to 3 minutes?) after i drank jolly shandy. missed out chomatography. :(

CME = total waste of my precious time. i rather use that period of time to prepare for the Os? okay.. i admit im not that kind of study-till-i-die kind of person so.. give us early dismissal! HA.

H for holy crap.