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10 December







not falling apart.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 @ 5:49 PM
Listening: Thinking Of You - Katy Perry.
Feeling: bored. :\

Yay. I Love Science. :)
but sadly, i lost interest in maths. you dont know how much i loathe maths now.

last week was test week, same as this week. pathetic enough? we're going to have maths and geography remedial for every week. yuck. im quite contented will my results for all the test we took, except those that involves counting. i flunked them very badly. believe me, you cant imagine how shitty the marks are.

i want to own a ipod nano. i love the colours. hahaha. not like dull black ipod touch. i feel like changing my blogskin right now! so, bye! :)

hwl anyhow take my handphone! :O

very happy ruyan. :)

random shot at marina barrage.