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10 December







cause talk is cheap.
Saturday, February 28, 2009 @ 9:30 PM
Listening: Apocalypse Please - Muse.
Feeling: Annoyed

i've got this obsession of being pale, super pale. sadly, i got more tan. result of sentosa plus www. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrness.

i was very pekchek when i was trying to complete the 5 assignment. (only for me cause i've been lazy to bother about my homeworks that continued to pile up. im 1 week late already. holy.) i failed social studies miserably. now im supposed to do those 5 long questions i don't even want to look at. nevermind. dont think im going to do it, at least for now. teachers are obviously trying to kill me. :'(

by the way, im not allowing anybody to use my current blogskin. sorry..
im going to upload my preview one as soon as blogskins.com's not so screwed up.

im waiting for paramore's next album! hope they make a soundtrack for new moon. seriously, they better not pick jonas brothers. or other disney stars. the songs will turn out... :\
gotta go, bye for now. :)