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10 December







how did we get here?
Friday, January 9, 2009 @ 8:11 PM
My leg hurts! from today's mass pe and walking.
school is as boring, expected. went to singapore poly after that, also boring. asked form cher today if its possible to drop, she was like shocked when weixin told her 34. lmao, she thought we wanted to go to 32. im not clever enough.. she said she would talk to her later but she forgot about it. -_- then went tm! superrrrrrr far, from dover to tampinese, chitchat with ruyan for the whole mrt trip. very long never talk like that already lor! meeting up with them tomorrow to chat again! :) i look forward to school now, cause i get to see the others. muahahhahah. :)

hope our clique wont drift apart even in different classes now!
i miss all of you like to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! (L)
btw, class blog: http://faith24-2008.blogspot.com/. tag!

wong♥shuhui: sushi! yeah! :(
RUYAN: no. im not nice. IM SUPER NICE.
Qy ♥: yessss! the only reason.
Weilin: er. you decide time and date then inform me kay? you buy for me lah. must nice one kay! kim:D: YO! hi, lesbo! hahha, welcome. love you too!
tris: i know you miss me alot right? hahahahah! yeah, its revived! FINALLY! :) relinked.
Weilin: i miss chatting with you lah omg! :(
Qy ♥: really! we go appeal for next year!!! hahaha. :) yeah. i wanted to go to f33.