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10 December







hours and hours.
Saturday, January 24, 2009 @ 8:05 PM
I miss my long hair.
i spent $30 plus for hair products, planning to get some vitamins tablets soon. i cant believe i went to cut my hair. stupid isit?! very REALLY SUPER OMG MEGA stupid. why i so bo liao?!?! :( i used to treat my hair more importantly than my face. not kidding. now everyday when i wake up i'll blame myself, and then feel like dying. argh. im so desperate for my long hair back. im freaking going for hair extensions again when my hair reaches my shoulder.

to let my hair grow faster, im going to:
1. drink plenty plenty plenty of water. argh. i prefer coke.
2. sleep more! i dont know if it works but heard that it will let you grow taller too. kill two birds with one stone! hahaha. also, im recently lacking of sleep, almost fell alseep in class that day. (zzz)
3. combing my hair 100 times per day. i tried it the other day. my hand hurts after all the combing, might be a myth but might as well try it since im so desperate and bo liao.

nintendo ds i! with camera! looks weird here cause i resized it. still deciding if i should sell my useless bandung pink psp and then use the money to buy a ds. but im pretty sure its not enough. anybody know the current price for second-hand psp? condition's about 7.5/10 i think, quite a few scatches. :P in case you're wondering why my psp is 'useless', i only play dj max! going to get sick of it soon.

LG Viewty! freaking pretty! i dont care if it's function sucks but its pretty! my current SE (w580i) sucks. really ugly and dont really work well, i dont know why i bought it and how i thought it was pretty in the first place. it just went crazy yesterday and refuses to move, hanged there for a few seconds and restarted itself and tell me to 'Insert SIM'. hell, the SIM had always been there.

went bugis yesterday with ju. to shop for her new year clothes. then went to sakae after that, sudden decision! bloated. kept ordering cause we didnt really know how to use the computer at first. then all came at the same time later on.. almost died. the first time i ate chawanmushi and felt like dying. and singaporeans more and more kia su! miss the bus can wait for another one mah. worst case: squeeze from the side entrance!! stupid aunties.

i think im more of a electronic gadget kind of person than a shopping freak. :) i hate my current blogskin. its ugly.. in my opinion. but im lazy to change it. (like always.) meh! bye.