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10 December







Tuesday, January 20, 2009 @ 8:08 PM
Save me. i rot at school. i am sick of going to school. i hate school. for the one hundredth time. i feel like dropping amaths, i dont understand a single shit, like emaths. i am so going to fail my maths. thank you teacher. thank you.

why is everybody studying so hard in this class? everybody is scribbling on their notes everytime. and i'll be the one daydreaming and ending up asking people 'eh this one got teach untill meh?' by the time you see me the next time i'll be either dead/ crazy and suffering from depression. wish me luck.

so friggin pissed off! no early dismissal on friday. how can you do this to me?! i wanted to rest. since last last sunday i've been out everyday, explain why i have dark circles. so i didnt really have time to sleep.


looking forward to cny. people dont stingy stingy worz! im officially broke! meh. but im more excited to next tuesday and friday! gonna have fun. muahahaha.

Ruyan: dont so emo leh! i see you sian sian i also sian alr! hope you can get over it soon. :) you still have me! haha. ^^
Qinyi: dont so sad! you cant possibly tape others mouth or what mah, so i guess you have to bear with it. and they're immature so ignore them!
Shuhui: you know i also wanna drop, cant stand the sian-ness and all.. but no choice. i think if you really dont like it then you should drop. thats just my opinion.. at least.

tyvm to kimberley for the tarts. (L)
temporary blogskin, i think.. sick of the previous one.
going to put up the blogsong later.

i really regret not going for the last few days of school last year.