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10 December







Monday, December 15, 2008 @ 8:44 PM
5 word to describe the twilight movie: BORING AND A BIG DISSAPOINTMENT.

i didnt expect it to be really good, but it was quite bad. maybe because i have read twilight almost twice and midnight sun, so i knew what was going to happen after each scenes.. mostly. they cut off like almost 2/3 of the scenes! i was waiting and waiting for some scenes and it was cut off. also, everything was super rushed! damn. and LMAO. i heard girls screaming when edward walked into the cafeteria. LOL!!! only recommended for people who never read twilight, you will enjoy it. if you read the book i suggest that you watch it online. i want to watch it again! cause i like sitting there. and i can probably sleep during the movie. jk. really glad that theyre changing the director for new moon. but i still like it cause its TWILIGHT. LOL. oh yah, robert pattinson wasnt ugly as i thought.. but quite weird at some scenes. though.