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10 December







putting myself in these situations
Sunday, December 7, 2008 @ 6:04 PM
i give up. i can't create a blogskin.
im too sleepy and my mind doesn't want to work. scare me or something.
cause i just finished the devouring few hours ago and i'm still sleepy.
the book's kind of creepy and i got freaked out when something moved.
im going to find the House of Night series soon.

i prefer thick books.
i can slowly read them for a whole week but thin ones 1 day and byebye.
urgh. urgh. urgh!!! i didn't checked The Host when i bought it.. BIG MISTAKE.
i thought it was wrapped so it should be okay. stupid enough.
the top and the bottom looks very used, tattered. i feel like slapping myself..
i feel very xing tong when i look at it. $28.90 for a book that looks used.
so thats the reason why i havent started reading it yet. how?!?!?

[edit] what is twilight rated? some say its pg13 and some say its not rated yet. [/edit]