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10 December







i dont care
Wednesday, December 3, 2008 @ 2:47 PM
Holidays are so boring...
so i went around forums reading threads almost everyday.

1. blogskins
random threads about random stuff. quite interesting!

2. fuse
reading people whine about the all the cheating. criticizing britney.. and lots of swearing. its quite funny how immature these people are. like.. its just an award. hello?! *WAVESSSS* i believe that paramore's not going to win. look at how many britney fans there is..

3. playpark
people complaining about money/extendsoft. i think audition will be closing down soon. adding new songs/modes/cash items will stop attracting their gamers someday. like what happened to kongkong and pangya.. and eventually maple will close down too. wait for it. and they will be staring at their MOUNTAINS OF MONEY and laughing at us. i feel so stupid buying a-cash..

4. twilightsaga
i just started reading it today, after reading the twilight thread in blogskins.com. hoping to find irritating fangirls drooling and commenting rather stupid comments. and i did! obviously. ha. but i find those comments kind of funny sometimes. how these people are still daydreaming about their real life edwards. zomg, something hilarious, people claiming that they are vampires. i LOOOOLed hard at this. but the way the person writes sound very real and convincing. but i still dont believe it though.

i like reading supernatural stuff, its super interesting!