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10 December







the host
Friday, December 26, 2008 @ 5:00 PM
finished The Host in the morning. there's going to be sequels! zomgomg. im waiting for The Soul and Midnight Sun now. SM, please finish The Soul asap! shes like super busy. heard that shes writing a mermaid story now. she still have The Soul and Midnight Sun to finish, hope she finishes them soon.

ian o'shea!

passer.: haha. add me in msn, click here!
YM: add me in msn, click here! so that i can send it to you.
Passerby Meiko!: i can send it to you. :) add me in msn, click here.
Geraldine!: merry christmas(belated) to you too!
w, SHUHUI !: merry christmas to you too! a little late though. ha!
Passerby: the host's awesome!
Qy ♥: haha. i see i see.
sharifah: hello! thanks. :)
JingYI: haha, same here.
Shancie: as i said i didnt say that edward cullen is not nice etc. TYVM.
PasseRRR: yep. :)
Qy ♥: qinyi!! ha.