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10 December







guess i was wrong
Monday, December 1, 2008 @ 11:31 AM

the blogskin i create yesterday as stated in my livejournal, and click here for another version of this blogskin. get the codes from me if you want it.

9 more days to my birthday. (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
not really important though. birthdays have never been important according to my dictionary. just like any other typical days.. maybe only a tiny bit of more special. the only thing i like about my birthday's cause i get to convince everybody that I-OWN-THE-WORLD-TODAY. HA.

but im more zuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited to countdown to the twilight movie!
lmao. i seen quite a few reviews through googling. and the way the fangirls comment always make me LOL AT MY COMPUTER. they said people actually screamed during the movie. ?!?!?! like what is there to scream about.. i cant picture it. i'll be glad if i can stand up and walk infront of that somebody and throw popcorns in her face. and maybe top up with a roll-my-eyes action at her. i am 100% sure it will be a SHE. if its a HE i swear that will be a gay. the screaming action is already plain gay.

anybody going to do the holiday maths homework thing that he claims he will collect them back when school reopens? i dont think im doing them though.

cant wait!

yeehong : hello huisi:D what class you going to next year?
Hello. faith 33.

someone :D: And this skin is NICE.
someone :D: i look forward to your new skins too. JIAYOU
passerby: this skin is awesome.

:)passerby: ohwells. shall look forward to ur new skins! gambateh! ;D
:)passerby: maybe that would work. but i personally prefer non-navi skins.
:)passerby: aww.. dun get upset. simplicity is nice. if they dun match, try to match them with brushes.
haha, thanks. my photoshop cs3 trail version expired long ago. and gimp brushes aint really nice. sure!