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10 December







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Saturday, December 13, 2008 @ 3:35 PM
OMG. i checked my message count yesterday.. 6k. i thought it was an error! it was like only 3k 2 months or so ago. HOLY SHIT.

im still waiting for 17dec. omg its going to be super packed on 18dec.. heard that it wasnt really full yesterday. i bet its because nobody knew it was released already. shit. please dont be full on 17dec. please. please. please. new moon is going to be out next year on the 20th november. its going to be low-budget again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. and SM is going to write midnight sun again, going to be published next year! omg i just got over the whole twilight thing but now i think im back into twilight again. i think im going to watch twilight twice. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

anybody got any websites to dl twilight? my torrent got stuck at 20plus percent. remaining according to utorrent: 2weeks. -_- now it says error and closed the whole thing. watched wildchild yesterday. cant watch bolt! (LOL) then went to watch twilight for 2 minutes then closed it. lmaoooooooooo.

i love the LG KU990! super chio (THE BACK ESPECIALLY!!), google it.
ta! :)