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10 December







its not over
Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 4:51 PM
hello rotting blog.
i need to change this blogskin! but i have zero inspirations right now.

what the *. i just recieved my phone bill and i used over 1k smses last month, when i was supposed to use only 500 according to the bills. just found out that i can actually use 1k per month just that they got it wrong since last year. go to hell. now they are saying that they will be giving me unlimited smses untill next years july. now im wondering if theyre really going to do that or they are just talking cock so they can earn more money after i use 10k smses this month and then tell me "oh we got it wrong again. sorry." bitch.

went to eat some buffet at suntec a few days ago. WORST BUFFET EVER. the white chocolate was horrible.. the fillings tasted like colgate. not exaggerating! reminds me of the chocolate i ate a few years back that made me quit chocolate for 2 years. cheated my 20plus bucks.

new blogskin. bye.

PasseRRR: nowonder i was totally like ?!?! when i knew that there was going to be the prom night scene. LOL. i was like what the hell at first but now i think its okay.. cause there is nobody in this world that is suitable to be edward anyway. if they screw up new moon next year again im going to kill somebody.
eunice ♥: thanks! :)
Passing!: yup. soon.
Jaslyn: hey. yeap. thanks! :)