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10 December







when the clouds have all departed
Monday, November 10, 2008 @ 2:29 PM
Hi, i'm in a good mood today.

i'm changing my email. (for the one millionth time i'm saying this) i'm sick of my current email plus fed up by the 'this email is invalid' error, it can't be used in some webs. it is valid lah! so i came up with a few usernames today: daytwentyone, theconspiracy-, thedeparture- and th-ereason. the few that are still available. but i think i'm most probably be sticking with daytwentyone or theconspiracy-. don't worry, i'll do the re-adding.

my brain has been bombarding me with ideas to blog, for blog urls and blogskins these few days. i'm kind of in the blogskinning mood, might as well do skins cause i'm damn bored and rotting away anyway.

i want a ipod touch! my dad's maybe getting me one for my birthday.. if my mom doesn't objects. aweeeeesome! the XPERIA X1 sony ericsson phone looks super kewl. i want a camera, for fun.

guess what. my mom dissapeared yesterday for like at least 3 hours or something.. dissapeared. she claimed that she did told me that she was going out when i was using the computer. -recalls- okay. i was playing audition and i remember her telling me something that i didnt catch, and i just urm.. urm.. kay.. ah.. ah.. and nodded. then she came back and told me that they went to buy a car. my reaction was what. the. toot. i want to choose the damn colour! then she went you don't even sit on the car that often. true. im glad they got silver, but i prefer black. black is hawwwwwt. she said that i could sleep on the car if i want to(haha). they traded the stupid red car away. yesssss!

email changed to theconspiracy-@hotmail.com. still thinking.. too fickle-minded. email changed to anghuisi-@hotmail.com. re-added everybody, if you didnt recieve the add pop-up, add me.

ha. bye!

p/s. i'm catching the twilight movie, zomg! (i can flood my whole blog with smileys, but i dont really want to suffocate my blog)