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10 December







the same
Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 4:00 PM
Zomg, my post are so damn long. nevermind.

my top ten songs are currently(not in order):
decode, i caught myself - paramore.
leave out all the rest - linkin park.
a little too not over you - david archuleta.
fearless - taylor swift.
i hate this part - pussycat dolls.
gotta be somebody - nickelback.
love remains the same - gavin rossdale.
right here (departed) - brandy.

i played i hate this part over a hundred times according to itunes. zomg.. i'm getting a ipod touch later, i hope my dad doesnt break his promise! but somehow im not excited, its like my go-crazy-about-ipods date already expired. bahhhhh..

i just read simruyan's livejournal. its like we cant eat anything now, everything is poisoned, you will get blahblahblah illness if you eat/drink them. so now, what exactly are we supposed to eat? air. right.