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10 December







pork and beans
Sunday, November 16, 2008 @ 2:36 PM
Im super super super super super happy right now.

currently re-reading twilight through my computer, for who-knows-what reason. skipped the boring parts. im weird, i haven't even finish breaking dawn. anyway, im loading breaking dawn right now.. i am so fcking addicted. seriously, ignore me. i want The Host! but theres only one in audiobook. damn.

i am such a slacker. everybody had been looking for jobs or even started working. here i am sitting and losing track of time. what? today is sunday.. if nobody told me, i wouldn't have noticed. entire day gone by reading twilight again.

im deciding if i should remove my nuffnang ads, and replace them with advertlets. advertlets pays peanuts but at least there is some! nuffnang is like forever $0, advertising them for free and blah. or maybe ads-free.

is this a joke? my msn is screwed, i viewed all the mails but it still says that i still have 3 new mails, stupid window live today shows that i have no mails everyday, sometimes i dont even recieve the mails i am supposed to at all. blogskins.com still refuses to send me my validation mail, and is lagging like hell and everything is crap. friendster is removing friends. but im the only person that didn't get friends-erased in friendster. well, thats lucky. everybody is still at my friendlist, but im not in their friendlist though. tris said that weixin told her that my friends were erased too. can't be bothered anyway. friendster is also not sending me my mails!

i love my ipod touch!