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10 December







Thursday, November 6, 2008 @ 11:07 AM
I swear hate kitty kitty. damn it, she kept chasing me. was damn moodless yesterday.

someone help me to try to ask my bloody brain to shut the fuck up every night. another reason why i like school: my brain will be too tired to talk. damn, i have so much time that my brain always start screaming stupid stuff, but thats where my blogskin inspirations come from. im tired of asking my brain to shut up every night.

tris is a pig. okayokay, piglet. she sleeps till afternoon everyday, zomg. my brain's alarm clock wakes me up every morning at 9.45am. i cant even sleep till 11am. im waiting for the clock to strike 12 so that i can reply her sms, and will not irritate her piggy sleep.

by the way, im not going back to gb, since im allowed to change my cca. so dont bother to ask if im going anymore. bye gb.

zomg. zomg. zomg. 7november is finally reaching, its tomorrow! chan yew ching!!! i can finally grow my nails back since its the holidays. time to scatch humans, hahahha.

anybody can intro new online games to me? audi is boring. i feel like going back to maple, i miss my panda and bunny, but i bet they are already expired. i'll tour the whole of maple if i rejoin.. okay, maybe not.

i think im getting straight bangs next month, im bored of my side swept bangs. i want to dye my hair black, since i cant get any other colours and they are kind of troublesome cause i'll need to dye black back anyway when school reopens. my mom thinks im crazy cause she says that my hair is already black and it will spoil my hair. pfft. super black hair is nice okay! plus my hair is already spoilt anyway.

night view outside the car window's nice.
i want a 24 hours tour around singapore trip in a car (with loud music).

p/s. decode by paramore is . i still have like 200plus more pages to finish breaking dawn, i dont want to finish it! still trying to draaaag. cant wait for midnight sun.