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10 December







whos gonna love you
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 @ 4:24 PM
hello fellow earthlings, i back with my results. kind of dissapointing but im quite contented. i think i got 55% or somewhere near there for my overall marks, hope that i can make it to faith 3-3. im glad that i passed my english, with the marks pulled up by the summary. im beginning to like summary. i am so surprised that i got 36 for science. whaaaaaaat?! i got 2 pages of full 0. i thought it was easy. not so surprisingly, i got 31.5 for history. fcuk9 for both subjects. i always get crappy marks when i say the paper was easy, so everytime, starting from now, i will say that every test is very very difficult! at least i wont get lousy marks that way. maybe.

went mac, then accompanied sharmaine to sell her psp. very bu zhi de. that uncle was like cheating her money, he looked very happy when he took the psp. sold for 150 bucks, thats crap. anyway, had my haircut together with yewching. better than the two previous haircuts, and cheaper.

next tues is my last day of school :D i'll miss triscilla's crazy laughter, ruyan's retardedness and the way we chat, weixin, weilin's unstoppable laughter, eatting shuhui, and joleen the funny!

p.s. yewching is a big bully.