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10 December







Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 12:26 PM
Went suntec yesterday.

went to take a look at the ipods. the ipod nano sounds alot much better than my computer, damn. the ipod touch is freaking slim, waaahhlaaaoo. passed by one of the vaio shops, they have a shop just for vaio laptop? i. am. so. tempted. to. get. one. of. these.

i bought a tamagotchi v4, cause its damn cheap! can you believe that its only 9.90?! i bought my v2 a few years back for 39.90. thats like 4 times the price of my v4. finally, i've got something to play with, but i hate it when it rings. i sound like im 12.

bought my turqoise headphone, its pwwweeeeettyyy. i bought twilight, i dont usually read but i am trying to. yessssssss :D i have started reading it already.

i want a camera! i have been asking for it since years ago. but i know it will be another of my anyhow-thrown-rubbish-and-will-never-be-found-again item. cause i will want a newer one everytime something new is released. god, i am so fickle. but i really want one. :(

i decided that i should get a walkman phone instead of a cybershot phone, cause i choose music over photography. i dont take pictures that much anyway. by the way, i am bored of my handphone, so i asked my dad when i can change my handphone. he said, 'you have to wait till i change my phone, i think i can use my handphone for like 5 more years.' damn. five more years? i think by that time, my handphone will be lao gu dong already. -.-

finally, i got something to do other than sticking my eyeballs all day to my computer or my television. my new companion, twilight and tamagotchi. too bad my v1 and v2 just ran out of battery, but i would seriously die taking care of so many tamagotchis. almost died when i revived my v1 an v2 at the same time. i got bored with it in less than a month. (edit) i want Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn. im going to irritate my mom to get me the books tomorrow.

shall stop writing already, before all of you fall asleep halfway while reading. bye.