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10 December







hold on
Saturday, October 25, 2008 @ 12:41 PM
happppppppppy :D

mr chin is super sloooooow, i think we're the slowest class. he can talk till the sky fall, and will still be talking. but he didnt ask me alot of questions, just why i failed sc and hist. then went to see mrs chng. yessssss! im allowed to change my cca, so im quiting gb. finally no more 'your ranks will be affected blahblahblah' nehnehnipupu. by the way, my pathetic cca percentage is 59%.

i got 58.9% for overall. 1.1% to ipod touch.
comments are long (6 lines), expected. 'she should take initiative in participating in CIP and in singing of the national anthem.' i am surprized that he knows that i dont sing the national anthem.. and bother to write that down. he didnt write that i need to speak up more! most probably forgot about it or something.
we're still not sure of our class yet, hopefully i'll get into 3-3.