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10 December







Thursday, October 2, 2008 @ 2:34 PM
Art was crap. btw, chanyewching painted 'hi!' on her hand, but it smudged. rofl. i couldnt find my shakespear book in my locker, so i bought one for around $10-11, its that small and its $10 plus. cheat my money. had to copy all the notes over again, screw that idiot who took it. i dont actually understand what the stories are trying to say, thou, thy.. question mark! its like reading ancient languages. i just finished writing down the meaning of the chim words an hour ago, almost fell asleep. romeo and juliet is boring! few weeks ago, mrs lian showed us a video of macbeth. graphic sucks and i dont know what it is trying to show and say, and obviously dont know what the characters was saying.. thou, thy etc again. im lazy to study. tsk.

there is some sort of ge tai thing beside my house at the fields. i think theyre like praying or respecting to some god or something, but the noise level is supeeeeeer.. cant they just make it softer. i swear the noise level is unbearable. i was studying literature and it started producing sounds of drums and piano playing. i cant stand it any longer! if its like one day, then let it be. but today is like the third day. ohmygod. i can totally hear what the opera was singing yesterday while i was in my room watching tv. now, THERE IS MEGA NOISE POLLUTION. OMG SOMEONE SAVE ME. I ALMOST WANTED TO SHOUT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FROM MY WINDOW! :( lin says that she can actually hear the noise from her house.

im like living in my own world.