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10 December







as she falls to the ground
Friday, October 31, 2008 @ 12:29 PM
Happy Halloween :D
today im going to play with vampires, witches and the list goes on.
hahahaha, like they even exist.

My life is big boring. its already very very very boring during school time, now its the damn holidays. so now its boring x2. i cant and dont want to imagine myself rotting for the next 2 months.

Stupid ass shit. my nightmare is coming true. i think.. crap crap crap. noooooo. i already had enough of one miserable plus major screwed up year, i dont want 2 more years of miserable life. i hope i have yewching with me in class next year, my very last hope for next year at least. it had been like forever since we were in the same class.

My hands aching, thanks to beat rush. i am in love with beat rush, my entire day yesterday was beat rush, beat rush and more beat rush. i like the ctrl spamming part, but my hand kind of hurts after too much ctrl spamming yesterday. i dont really like the new arrows. miss. miss. miss. miss. everything is super small now, especially the fonts. crap, im running out of a-cash. :(
rantings, rantings and more rantings.
hahahahha, bye.