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10 December







youll always be my thunder
Friday, September 26, 2008 @ 1:51 PM
im going to bore all of you with exams.

yesterday after english paper :

me : -still in my own world and staring into space-
person A : byebye.
me : -stares-
person A walks off.

person B : byebye!
me : -stares for a few seconds- then -waves-.

im shocked by english paper.

english paper was chim! its about the olympics for passage A, and passage B was about paralympics. i have absolutely no interest in the olympics. a bunch of people chasing/hitting a ball equals to no fun to me. i hate ball games, captains ball etc.. everything that concerns ball. its like they are going to hit you or something. okay, back to the english paper. i find that passage B is so much more interesting and meaningful, though its also linked to the olympics. i am afraid of getting back my english results. rawr.

geography paper was okay. not really that tough or that easy. the names of reclaimed land questions totally freaked me out. i dont even know that they actually have names. i was still studying the world map during assembly.

maths paper 2 was quite tough. i hate pythagorean therom, theres so many freaking digits and algebra. confusing. i did that similar questions yesterday for 3 times, still couldnt get the answer right. so you know what happened today. my answer was in decimals. obviously wrong! i know how to do the questions but i dont know if i got the answers correctly. disturbing. i forgot to put π in the volume questions. my one mark!

i havent even touched the first page of my history textbook. looks boring. our country's history is so not not not interesting. :o

result of eoy: one eye smaller than the other, and one eye bigger than the other.