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10 December







like a knife
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 @ 10:30 PM
i love loling. especially those caped ones, LOL :D
anyway, elearning sucks. i spent like more than 6 hours to complete english, maths and science cause i kept stopping halfway to playing other games and surfing the internet. their so tempting. i kept accidentally clicked on something esle when the video is playing halfway, and i have to start all over again. why cant there just be that bar of thing where we can fastforward etc. damn it. why cant they just let us rest for this holiday. holiday, so far, had been boring. expected.

monday, back to school for maths remedial. almost died there, suffocated from maths and boredom. i didnt really know what i was doing. :o the best part was when i reached home. tuesday, audi and maple private server. thats how boring my holiday are. i havent been studying! my motivation are gone. but i still have some though, a tiny little bit. :( going to study with kimberley soon, hope that i can concentrate well. i seriously need to MIA.

truthfully, i dont really know what im typing at all. argh. gotta go, bye.