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10 December







its not my time
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 @ 8:37 PM
100th post and 100 facts(or you can say, crap) about anghuisi :o

1. im am super duper uber lazy :o
2. i love literature! alot.
3. i hate maths and science the most.
4. i played maplesea, auditionsea, runescape, habbohotel, gunbound, kongkongsea, pangyasea, kartrider before, or some, still playing.
5. i love the colours red and black.
6. i have a black wallet, bag and pencil case.
7. i only use black pens, i hate blue pens.
8. i use my computer everyday.
9. the longest time i spent on my computer? more than 12 hours.
10. i like rock and pop musics.
11. i blogskin.
12. i made 30 over skins since last year.
13. i love 'LOL'ing people in msn.
14. my psp is infront of me now. i want to play dj max!
15. i am impatient.
16. i hate maths remedial!
17. i dont remember my handphone number and also my home address.
18. i love adore chocolate :3
19. i love mac's vanilla icecream.
20. i just ate mac today.
21. i studied geog and almost fell asleep.
22. i still think triscilla and yewching are pigs from outer space :D
23. i am afraid as eoy is approaching.
24. i prefer internet explorer than firefox.
25. i play 2 maple private servers.
26. i quited maplesea.
27. i now play audi.
28. i wake up at 6.40am every morning for the weekdays.
29. i have two tamagotchis that accompanied me through my days without computer.
30. i hate my pink fat psp.
31. im blogging now.
32. my msn nick now is M i s t a k e.
33. i want to change my email!
34. i am register one :(
35. i am short.
36. i am not tall.
37. i am not so tall.
38. i am listening to goodbye apathy by onerepublic.
39. i have 200plus songs in my itunes now.
40. i only have 100 plus songs in my hp cause theres no space :(
41. i like playing beatup, db4 and db8 @ audition.
42. i like 54321(i messed up the no.) techno party @ audition. wooooo, waves :D
43. i prefer friendster than facebook.
50. i am now thinking "wahlao, finally 50. -.-"
51. my mood now: LAZY
52. i am now listening to distabia.
53. i am quiet.
54. i enjoy peace and quiet places.
55. i hate crowded places >:(
56. its 9.50pm.
57. my hair is kinda screwed after my haircut(again).
58. but not worst than THAT haircut, that pathetic fringe haircut.
59. i love rose and bi-coloured bangs hair in maple.
60. spiky hair in audi is all time favourite.
61. tris was acting like a crazy bitch today.
62. i feel sad for somebody.
63. im still waiting for that fcker who tagged me. REPLY PLEASE!
64. somebody messed up my locker and left one crushed paper inside to accompany my books. -.-
65. i hate mondays and tuesdays.
66. i love friday :D
67. i think japanese is cooooooooool.
68. i want to learn to play a musical instrument :(
69. piano looks fun to me :o
70. i think yewching's nails are horribly terribly omg long.
71. i am guai :D
72. i am wandering in blogskin's forum now.
73. but not now anymore xD
74. i think all these are kinda crap.
75. i want a ipod.
76. i wish i had a laptop.
77. i want a router for my psp so that i can use the internet :(
78. its 9.59pm now :o
79. i need colour pens for my notes so that i can MEMORISE MORE. muahahahha.
80. i think pomeranian are uber cuteness :( i want one.
81. i think you're getting bored with my 100 craps of anghuisi.
82. i like onerepublic's songs.
83. i just saw weixin login in to msn.
84. i am scared of butterflies >:( i hate them.
85. i think butterflies are just like a worm with wings. ew.
86. i thought the holidays would be starting this month.
87. my blog url is ine-xplicable and my livejournal url is p-aperplane.
89. my everyday word is 'SIAN'.
90. i am listening to radar now.
91. for that few second, i totally forgotten who i am. brain damaged?
92. i got bitten by mosquitoes :(
93. i am born is 1994.
94. my birthday is on 10december.
95. i once, forgotten my own birthdate.
96. i hate my name cause people say hui si = will die :(
97. i like the number 2.
98. my primary school is gmsp.
99. i was once in 1faith, 2faith, 3love, 4love, 5grace, 6grace, faith1-3. i think :D
100. this is my 100th post!

i am tired of typing out my 100 random crap. bye!
haha, this is SUPER long :D bleh.