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10 December







viva la vida
Thursday, July 24, 2008 @ 5:42 PM
hohohoweilin sucks rocks. fine, you win!

okay, let me go back to blogging. i went to cut my hair yesterday, turns out that my fringe is ruined.. i said i wanted her to cut it untill it reaches around my eyebrow. it is now like 1.5cm above my eyebrow. wtf?! it only grows half an inch or an inch a month. when the hell will it even grow till like 1.5inch longer. btw, an inch is about only 1.25 cm. i feel like crying.. changed my hair in maple also, red bi-coloured bangs. looks like crap with my cat ears, might be changing back to rose soon. what a day. havent studied for maths, shall do it tomorrow morning. :o