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10 December







they can never have yesterday
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 9:25 PM
i am totally annoyed, i dont know what to do. guess she still havent got over that incident, when i didnt answer that question. i was half-sleeping in class. fine. tolerance.. damn lkk gay cher came in again and start barking like a mad dog. 'wo jiao shu xi shi duo nian, mei you jian guo ni men zhe zhong ban!' right... i still remember that sentence. you noob. he even claimed that edwin wanted to hit them when he was just trying to somehow fan the cher with his badminton racket. he took pictures of us using handphones! -.- hope he doesnt have mine. dm came in today and forced us to delete our photos. chers are just buyers. now i yearn more to get into a better class.