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10 December







what the fuck ?!
Saturday, June 7, 2008 @ 9:51 AM
Today is 7June, 9.52am, that means i didnt go for coporals camp.
felt like vomiting and had stomachache in the morning, much better now though..
wasnt feeling well last night already.
no coporals camp equals to no promotion.
wanted to go tomorrow but still wont get any promotion even if i get an mc. knn.
i find it fcking unfair, no promotion cause im sick.
dude, its not like i didnt want to go, and purposely lied to them or so.
i seriously dont know if i should quit and join another cca.
should have quitted last year and joined something else, but its too late.
better still, i dont even want a cca.
should have listened to lin, work harder and dont relay on cca points.
fuck i tell you. _!_

Eight of us went sentosa yesterday.
pictures edited, contrast and all, original ones look crappy.




Got back my handphone yesterday, finally.
but i want my dad's cybershot phone functions, superbbbbb!
my next phone would be a cybershot phone, man.