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10 December







nothing but a lie
Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 12:54 PM
To all retards with china accent who called me:
eat shit and die.

they practically have no life, called up with no number(withheld),
and start crapping to me with some gibberish that i dont even understand.
so i made some stupid noise to communicate with such stupid people, so she hanged up. retard. the last time, i hanged up when he/she called me and asked me some stupid questions.
and the idiot didnt give up and continued spamming me with calls, so i maxed the television sound and placed my hp infront of it, the idiot finally stopped calling.

should i start studying for the chapters first before school reopen, revise through mye caused i have actually forgotten some of the stuff and start reading books or something? :/ but i am lazy..