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10 December







killed the idea and destroyed the design
Sunday, June 8, 2008 @ 2:35 PM
*note to whoever owns loveeex3.bs.com.
all those who went to your old url, ohwhat-love.bs.com and to loveeex3.bs.com's clicks are adding to my statcounter, please kindly remove my statcounter code.
and please credit or remove it.

I swear that this is going to be a long post.
wait.. not very long.

Deja Vu is weird, but happens on me quite oftenly.
once, i even seen two same images at different point of times, same place and all.. eerie.
sometime ago, i sort of 'changed' what i knew was going to happened. :o

I am still fcking pissed with what had happened yesterday.
not enough swearing, but i really dont know what to say.. too fcked up.
damn, i dont wish to stay. _!_

By the way, i havent even started enjoying my holidays. not much time to slack.
this is the worst holiday everrrrr.
last year, i still got to slack all the time away, and say bored bored bored.
now, i dont even have much time to say bored at all.
man, like end this crap.
i miss school days, its about.. getting scolded everyday, waking up early and walk sleepily to school, talking and laughing in class, countdown to end of the day and having truckloads of test. haaa. kinda weird, but i miss having all those tests. recieving results and feeling so uptight. fun!
damn holidays. :l

Eljay is the new love! but too bad, i dont know how to skin there.
so much cooler than blogger. me like, me like! but im not moving completely there though.

I dont believe in the 21122012 thing, somehow.
but if it really happens, byebye cruel world. not like we can do anything.